How To Stick With Your New Years Resolution!

Its the ending of a disappointing year and you decide you want change for the upcoming year. You come up with a new year’s resoution, stick with it for 4 days, and then its back to the same old. When the end of the year comes, you repeat it all over again. Does this patternContinue reading “How To Stick With Your New Years Resolution!”

Perfectionism vs. Striving

Do you catch yourself draining your energy by a never ending list of “To-do’s”? Do you feel anxious to get so many things done and get let down if you don’t? You may be dealing with “perfectionism”. The difference between perfectionism and just striving to do your best/improve, is perfectionism tells yourself you are notContinue reading “Perfectionism vs. Striving”

Why cant I be consistent with my diet?

Most of us know what healthy eating means. We know which foods we should avoid, but we still have such a hard time. Why is this? There are 2 big contributing factors. First off, the more sugar we eat, the more it triggers us to continue making poor decisions. It makes it harder for ourContinue reading “Why cant I be consistent with my diet?”

Yoga for the Spine

Many people overlook the importance our spine plays. After all, it is the backbone and foundation of our structure. Imagine life without a spine! Practicing good posture and stretches helps keep your spine healthy and in tact. Improper back posture leads to issues in other areas, like the legs, buttocks, and neck. I included aContinue reading “Yoga for the Spine”

Staying Happy During Quarantine

With both the holidays and another shut down quickly approaching, its normal to feel stressed out and down. Here are some ways to lower your stress and stay happy in quarantine: Positive Thinking Positivity is a skill anyone can have- next time you have a negative thought, think of how you can change it toContinue reading “Staying Happy During Quarantine”

Does the way you sleep affect your back?

Since every body is different, no one position is best for everyone. Believe it or not, when we sleep we actually switch positions around every 20 minutes. This is our bodies way of regulating itself to find the best position for pressure dependent areas in the body such as the spine. If you’re someone whoseContinue reading “Does the way you sleep affect your back?”