Starting Your Day with a Good Breakfast

You’ve probably heard the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Break-fast stands for “breaking your fast”, since you went hours with no food during your sleep. Whats better than eating breakfast is making sure it is healthy. This will set your tone for the day. I have found that when I eat a nutritious, filling breakfast, I stay more full throughout the day and it helps prevent me from binging or eating junk. It gives you fuel, energy and motivation to start your day right. Here are some healthy breakfast ideas:

Avocado toast: this has been trending, you get carbs and healthy fats, plus it is delicious and filling! I like to add a couple scrambled eggs on top of mine. “Everything but the bagel seasoning” is great on it too (also good on eggs)! I also started adding tomato and arugula tossed in lemon juice. There are so many variations.

Eggs: Besides the obvious fact of containing protein, eggs increase fullness and helps keep your blood sugar and insulin steady. Eggs also contain choline, a nutrient helpful for brain health. If you get bored of eggs, there are different forms you can make them- scrambled, hard boiled, omelets, over easy, etc. and so many different toppings you can add from spinach to ham! Add some turkey bacon on the side if you want extra protein.

Oatmeal: Steel cut oats are healthiest, however if you prefer traditional oatmeal thats okay too! Starbucks has oatmeal if you’re in a hurry. I’ll post a recipe for almond butter banana oats I like to make.

Fruit: If you don’t have a lot of time, simply eating fruit is a great breakfast idea. Fruit can be hydrating after a night with little to no water. Adding fruit on top of yogurt is excellent too!

Journaling- Worth it, or a Waste of Time?

Journaling has been a common strategy used to cope with emotions and problems. Sometimes people just journal to get thoughts out they don’t want to share with others. Either way, it is an emotional release that I believe is too often overlooked. It helps reduce stress and anxiety, which has a domino effect on many other things. Once your stress is lowered, you sleep better, communicate more effectively, and your immune system is even stronger! According to, journaling helps boost memory and comprehension.

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Try it sometime, next time you feel overwhelmed, set a timer for 5 minutes and do a “brain-dump”- just write down whatever is on your mind. What do you write when you know nobody is watching? When you know you can tare it up and throw it away after? Afterwards, read what you wrote. You will now have an outsider perspective and may be able to process whats going on in your head better. You will feel more at peace. Even if nothing is bothering you, journaling about things that are going good, or that you’re grateful for, has tremendous effect on your mood!

Healthy fast food?

Today, people are constantly busy and on the go. Not everyone has the time to meal prep every week, and sometimes you just need something quick. It has happened to me way too often, I get so hungry I’ll go get quick food somewhere, and then regret it after. However, if you think outside the box, there are ways you can eat out and still be (mostly) healthy.

*My go-to is Chipotle. If you order it right, you can get a pretty healthy meal. I like to get a burrito bowl with brown rice, black beans, chicken, fajita veggies, mild and medium salsa, corn salsa, and guac. No need for sour cream! Guilt-free and delicious. They also offer salad bowls, and now cauliflower rice.

*Chic-fil-a. I love getting the grilled chicken nuggets. They also have fruit bowls and salad.

*McDonalds- you can order just a grilled chicken breast, they have wraps and salads as well.

*Sub Sandwich shops- such as Subway or Jimmy Johns. Try a turkey wrap with avocado instead of mayo. Add some spinach and your favorite cheese. You could also get whole-grain bread if wraps aren’t your thing.

*There is an increasing amount of health-orientated fast food places such as Grabbagreen, where you create your own bowls.

**Another trick- Open faced sandwiches. If you are out and order a sandwich or burger, take the top bun off if you want to lower your carb intake. It really doesn’t make much of a difference! If there is anywhere that serves sweet potato fries as an option, that is always a good idea as well.


Our stomach, or gut, is full of bacteria. This bacteria correlates with our health and well-being. It is referred to as your microbiome. Probiotics are live microorganisms that help maintain a healthy community of bacteria. Having a healthy microbiome helps you digest food better, regulates your immune system, improves the quality of your skin, and your mood. They can also help with conditions such as IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome). Probiotics are mainly found in yogurt, fermented foods, or dietary supplements.

There are different types of probiotics. The most common bacteria belong to the group “Lactobacillus” and “Bifidobacterium”. There is also Saccharomyces, Streptococcus, Enterococcus, Escherichia, and Bacillus.

Prebiotics are what probiotics feed off of. They are usually complex carbohydrates. This is why it is smart to take a supplement that has both probiotics and probiotics.

Here are my favorite affordable probiotic+prebiotic supplements.

Getting Motivation to Exercise

So many people think they need to wait until the energy or motivation comes to them before they start working toward goals. Motivation does not just come to you- you have to chase after it. Every single time you take action and something you don’t want to do, you make it easier to do that next time. You build a momentum. That is what creates the energy you need.

However, There are some ways I think make it easier to get myself in the gym. I like to remind myself that every single time I dread going,I push through and leave feeling good and glad I went.

Try watching fitness content on youtube in the morning while eating breakfast. One of my favorites is “Hannah Oberg” on youtube and instagram. She makes vlogs and videos showing different exercises or what she eats in a day. This always gives me motivation to go workout.

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How to Bounce Back From Unhealthy Eating

It has happened to all of us- a binge worthy night, that sometimes bleeds into the week or even the month. It is very common to feel shame and guilt after over-eating. Let’s look at some ways to recover from binges or just unhealthy eating habits in general.

  1. Hold some compassion for yourself. Not only does feeling upset with yourself and over-thinking do nothing positive to fix the situation, it can also cause you to continue the cycle if you have the habit of eating to fix emotions. It may discourage you to bounce back with this negative thinking.
  2. Drink a lot of water. Water helps your digestion system move everything through and helps fill your stomach. Often times, when we think we are hungry, we are actually just thirsty.
  3. Move. Even a brief walk will get your digestive system going.
  4. Don’t abruptly change your diet. If you have been eating plenty of carbs, suddenly stopping will cause you to crave them more. Instead of focusing on cutting out the negative, start out by focusing on adding as much healthy things as possible to your day. Eventually your appetite will change, and the unhealthy things won’t seem as appealing anymore! Every day, write down all the healthy things you eat. Make it a goal to increase this number each day. Do not starve yourself either, as this will also cause you to binge again.
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How To Be a Successful Business Person

The tenant of each business can be different, but there are elements that can be applied to all business and are based on values that one can provide in any business to improve customers lives.

Probably the most important aspect of any business is honesty. Only say things you mean, and mean things you say. This is not an empty word. Find out things that you’re good at could use to improve the lives of others. Make it about the needs of your customer.

Another important aspect of a good business relationship is integrity. Integrity means to make your customers “whole”. Keep your promises, and if you can not keep them, inform them and make sure that afterward you do anything you can to make them “whole”. If you say you will complete a task this week, integrity means do the task by Friday before 4:30. If you can not be truly apologetic and make the people you have promised “whole” by doing everything you can so they don’t pick up the pieces of the disaster you have created.

Always aim to complete your tasks and take responsibility for your job. If you start a project, finish it and make sure others don’t have to finish it for you. This will gain respect and again, as the other things, respect is not an empty word. It has to be deserved and not naturally expected. Furthermore, give respect and attention to people who deserve it.

Responsiveness- every business lives on cooperation and communication. There are very few jobs you can do alone on your own. Communicate clearly and be responsive to communication. If people have to chase you, they won’t want to do business with you. Within any business, one business day is the maximum that people will expect you to come back and at least acknowledge that you have received the task assigned to you and come up with a plan on how you’re going to respond to the communication you received. It does not matter how busy you are, if you are not responsive, you will lose respect from your working community.

Give more than you take in any relationship. Especially in a business environment, people do keep tabs on how much you provide them help and take resources. Every time you provide help, you gain credit. People who build up good credit in their business environment can draw more when they need it and finish with those resources and be one step forward. Think about it- do you want to work at 50 years old earning minimum wage, or do you want to be successful? The successful business person has a big line of credit with others to draw to invest in their own personal successes.

Persistence. Have a lot of fun at work, but it’s not only about having fun. Its about providing value. Can you combine the two? Then you are a blessed person. Make sure that if you start a task, you put all your energy into it and do not give up. At times, work is not fun. build an environment you like to be in and. make sure you give yourself rewards for the work you do, but make sure if the work is not fun, you do not lose interest in the details. A poorly done job will prevent others from coming back to you and put you in a spiral of failures.

Last but not least, there is Discipline. There is no job on the planet that doesn’t require discipline. It is not a trait you are born with. It is a trained trait. You can train yourself to have self-discipline. Create a calendar/agenda, and repeat necessary tasks. You could lose a job even at Walmart if you are not disciplined. Any job will not be sustainable if others have to cover for you.

Amanda still managing to have fun while she works and adds value

Reminder for Summer

Good morning!

We are trying to adjust back from South Beach, Miami. Going from palm trees back to the snow can be difficult! Since we are from Minnesota and seem to forget how powerful the sun is, we made the mistake of not applying enough sunscreen and got sunburnt. We lived and learned to help teach others a lesson- WEAR SUNSCREEN. You always forget how easy it is to get sunburnt, and how much it sucks, until it happens. Sunscreen should be applied to face and body every 45 minutes. Sunburn is extremely damaging to the skin and can lead to cancer and wrinkles. If you end up burnt, apply aloe vera and lotion every hour to make sure it heals into a healthy tan. And drink a lot of water! Sun hats and sunglasses are another way to block from the sun.

The Importance of Sleep

With the way society is set up, so many people have jam-packed schedules. This is normalizing unhealthy habits such as a ridiculous amount of caffeine, and lack of sleep. Sleep is the first factor that determines our day. With lack of sleep, your decision making skills are hindered, as well as your motor skills and ability to think clearly. If sleep was higher on peoples priority list, just imagine how much more efficient people would be. According to sleep, “Adults between 18 and 64 need seven to nine hours of sleep per night. Adults over 65 need 7-8 hours”. Unfortunately, most people aren’t meeting these standards. As mentioned in an earlier post, lack of sleep often causes us to make poor eating choices. An unhealthy diet leads to further complications, so you can see the domino effect. Try to come up with ways to save time, so you have more time to sleep. Give yourself the positive domino effect from good sleep, instead of the negative.

Quality of sleep is also important. Taking over the counter sleep medications hinder good sleep. Some good ways to help you fall asleep, and have better quality sleep include:


-Have a sleep time routine so your body knows when it is time to settle down.

-Take a warm bath before bed. This has been shown to lower body temperature when you get out, telling your body its time for bed.

-Turn your air down, I keep mine at 68 at night time. I also turn on a fan. This also lowers your body temperature.

-Do something calming before bed, such as reading or meditating.


Many people think that the best and shortest way to lose fat is to cut out your carbs. Everyone is different and of course there are factors such as body type and your specific goals- however, carbs are a good energy source and trying to cut them out completely can sometimes have a reverse effect. Just like sugar, alcohol and drugs, we develop a tolerance to carbs. If you try to go cold turkey and stop eating them when you’re used to eating a lot of them, your body will only crave more and you risk binging later on. The way I like to do it is focus on what kind of carbs I’m intaking. What are some healthier carb options? Look for low-glycemic. Brown rice, sweet potato, whole grains/whole wheat, sprouted grain, are some examples. You can buy pasta made out of chickpeas or brown rice and you can barely tell the difference! These all contain a higher fiber content, keeping you full and satisfied longer, unlike carbs like white rice and white pasta that are high-glycemic, and leave you hungry again shortly. Featured is a picture of my favorite brown rice pasta, I get it at Trader Joe’s!